✅ iPhone 11 or newer

✅ Trailerable boat with corresponding trailer

✅ Guide posts on your trailer (also known as PVC pipes)

✅ Curiosity for new technology 😊

Interested testers can now download the app from the Apple App Store and test it on the water during our public open beta phase.

Ramp Assist is now available as a free download on the Apple App Store.

The Ramp Assist app will guide you through six simple steps to intelligently set your boat, trailer and towing vehicle configurations.

Can I use Ramp Assist with multiple boats or towing vehicles?

Yes, no problem, we've got you covered. You can add up to six different boat and vehicle combinations via the Add button in the top-right corner of the main menu screen.

See a video here on how to install/configure.

Good news! There is nothing to prepare as long as you have black or white PVC guidance posts and have finished the in-app setup process. The AI computer vision of Ramp Assist will recognize your trailer.

It is not difficult, just make sure you have finished the in-app setup process and selected the correct boat category so that the algorithm can adjust to your specific boat. Also, ensure that the phone camera has a clear field of view of the bow and the trailer during the process.

It is recommended (but not necessary) to use a generic smartphone holder, such as the ones used on car windshields, to keep your hands free

If you get stuck or have any questions, there are two ways to reach our experts:

  • Fill the contact form below.
  • From the Ramp Assist app, navigate to the Main Menu and tap on the Config button.

Click here to download a PDF of the User Guide.

Troubleshooting & Common Mistakes

  • Verify your in-app boat setup. Ensure that all measurements align with the actual dimensions (±5%) of your boat, trailer, and towing vehicle. Easily adjust any parameter by using the edit button located in the upper right corner of the tile displaying your boat's name on the main screen.

  • Ensure your phone is held steady and centered relative to your boat's center (typically the helm position). Avoid unnecessary shaking if you are not using a recommended smartphone holding mount for Ramp Assist.

  • Take a screenshot or screen recording of the app's behavior and send it to our support team for assistance or to include a fix in the app's next release candidate. The support function, including the email messaging feature, can be found in the main menu under settings.

  • Check if your cellular connection is enabled and if you have coverage. Also, verify if your location service is enabled and access for Ramp Assist has been granted.

  • The weather and tide information provided by Apple and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) may occasionally be unavailable or differ from your exact area due to the lack of a certified weather and tide station nearby.

  • Still not working? Please send us a support request via the settings menu on the main screen.

  • Certain types of sunglasses with polarized lenses can cause the screen to appear black. To resolve this issue, either remove your polarized sunglasses or use non-polarized sunglasses.

  • The phone gets extremely hot due to sunlight exposure or prolonged usage, such as playing music via Bluetooth. In response, the phone activates a self-protection mode defined by Apple, dimming the screen by up to 50% without warning. This effect can occasionally occur when using Ramp Assist in combination with sun exposure. Don't worry, this effect is not harmful to your phone, and Ramp Assist will continue to function fully with a dimmed screen and audible sounds.

In all the previously mentioned cases of a dimmed phone screen, it is generally beneficial to use Ramp Assist under the helm roof to avoid direct sunlight and heat exposure.

  • This issue can occur due to internal factors (algorithm or in-app boat setup errors) or external factors (light reflections, shades, or sub-optimal environmental conditions). To fix this, click the reset button in the upper right corner of the camera feed during the trailering process and reselect your car.

  • Still not working? Please send us a support request via the settings menu on the main screen.

We appreciate your interest in the technology behind our app and algorithm. To access more detailed information, enable "Nerd Mode" in the settings menu of the camera feed. This mode displays tracking information and projects a drive path onto the water surface.

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